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Virtual Appliances — Refining Virtualization

We all know that virtualization is the biggest wave in computing ever occurred. Many organizations are adopting virtualization as a preferred choice for computing and infrastructural environments. Virtualization itself is emerging with new trends everyday. In this post we will … Continue reading

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Virtual Appliances – Next generation applications Tags: Virtualization,Xen,VMware,Linux A virtual appliance is a minimalist virtual machine image designed to run under any virtualization technology. A key concept that differentiates a virtual appliance from a virtual machine is that a virtual appliance is a fully pre-installed … Continue reading

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JeOS — Just Enough Operating System

We have seen significant growth in size and complexity of general purpose OS over a last decade.  This expansion has come from its need to support a growing number of applications and devices.  To support the increasingly complex needs of … Continue reading

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Xen Live Migration Tags: Xen,Virtualization,Tricks and Tips,Paravirtualization Virtual machine migration can be thought of as a special form of suspend/resume, in which the state file is immediately transferred and resumed on a different target machine. Migration is particularly attractive in the data … Continue reading

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Xen for you and for me.

Xen, a relatively new open source project that turns one piece of hardware into many, virtually. If you’re looking to cut costs or maximize usage or both, follow the path to Xen. Up until now, there have been no open … Continue reading

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The Second Generation Virtualization with Xen

What is Virtualization? The concept of virtualization has existed in one form or another in computing since the early 1960s. In virtualization, the characteristics of a resource are abstracted, so that it may be accessed in some way that is … Continue reading

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Virtualization – Thinking beyond multitasking.

Virtualization is the term which is widely used across many areas but in this post we are going to look into Virtualization from computing perspective. Virtualization means creating virtual instances of something. From the computing perspective it refers to the … Continue reading

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