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Goosh – the Google Shell

It’s an ever-continuing debate: what is better, a graphical user interface, or a command-line interface? Graphical user interfaces may be easier to learn, but complicated operations may require a lot more user input than with a command line interface, which … Continue reading

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What happens if Microsoft buys Yahoo?

A good article which describes the impact of this tie up on Open Source community. Read here

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Picasa for Linux

Google’s photo organizer, Picasa, makes it easy to find, edit, and share digital photos on your computer. Now you can harness the power of Picasa on your Linux machine. Linux release includes the same functionality as Picasa for Windows with … Continue reading

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Google India Women Engineering Award.

As part of google’s ongoing commitment to encourage women to excel in computing and technology, the India team has taken their first steps: in December google launched the Google India “Women in Engineering Award” to recognize women in the field … Continue reading

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How to Type in hindi (Devnagari) with Google Indic Transliteration.

If you’re interested in writing in Hindi, Google have brought out the transliteration feature from Blogger into an independent product of its own: Google Indic Transliteration. This tool will let you type in Hindi, using an English keyboard. Type out … Continue reading

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Android Google’s entry in Phone Market.

Android — Google’s answer to phone market monopoly. Google, the word which changed the way people look at internet. It’s really hard to find someone who haven’t came across Google. Google always comes up with something innovative and something which … Continue reading

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