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SixthSense: Get the open-source code

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Two years ago, inventor Pranav Mistry demoed the SixthSense technology on the TED stage — and talked about open-sourcing the software behind it. SixthSense is a wearable interface that enables interaction between digital information and…

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Linux, Wikinomics and Mining the Gold!

Currently I am reading a book titled Wikinomics. This book is all about how web2.0 have changed the way we do business and how collaborative models are proving to be successful against those of conventional and closed approaches of doing … Continue reading

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Intern at the FSF

This is an opportunity to work for the organization that sponsors the GNU project, publishes the GNU General Public License (GPL), and fights for software freedom. As an intern, you work closely with FSF staff members in your area of … Continue reading

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Watch Live Interrupts

To see the interrupts occurring on your system, run the command: amoal-desktop:~$ watch -n1 “cat /proc/interrupts” CPU0       CPU1 0:        168          0   IO-APIC-edge      timer 1:          2          0   IO-APIC-edge      i8042 3:          2          0   IO-APIC-edge 4:          2          0   IO-APIC-edge 7:          0          0   IO-APIC-edge      … Continue reading

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Drop Box ~~ Store Your files online.

Dropbox is one of the most impressive startups  now a days, not because they’ve built anything terribly prescient or awe-inspiring, but because they’ve come up with an online storage product that I might actually use regularly. The idea behind Dropbox, … Continue reading

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Linux: Designed for the Cloud

Linux: Designed for the Cloud Linux is the natural technology for enabling cloud computing: it’s modular, it’s performant, it’s power efficient, it scales, it’s open source, and it’s ubiquitous. And, as the platform upon which the largest cloud infrastructures, in … Continue reading

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Microsoft office Vs. Open office

Recently I got a chance to compare Microsoft office and open office, Here is the first factor I am putting. “PRICE” This information is collected from microsoft office website : 2007 Microsoft Office system pricing and upgrade information 2007 … Continue reading

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