Drop Box ~~ Store Your files online.

Dropbox is one of the most impressive startups  now a days, not because they’ve built anything terribly prescient or awe-inspiring, but because they’ve come up with an online storage product that I might actually use regularly.

The idea behind Dropbox, which officially enters into private beta today is that little to no effort should be put into keeping your desktop files synced with “the cloud”. So the three founders have built a Python-based desktop client (available for both PCs and Macs) that acts like a regular folder on your machine. You can manage files within this folder just like elsewhere on your machine (add, edit, copy, and delete them) and changes will be automatically synced to Dropbox’s Amazon S3-backed storage, and very quickly at that. See a screencast here.

Here’s how to get the most out of Dropbox:

  • Put files in your Dropbox folder

These files will automatically be synced and backed up online. Then you can access the files in your Dropbox from anywhere by logging into the Dropbox website.

  • Install Dropbox on other computers you use

Computers linked to your Dropbox account automatically sync and always have up-to-date copies of your files. You won’t need to email attachments to yourself or carry around USB drives ever again!

  • Share folders in your Dropbox and invite people to them

Sharing lots of files (even large ones) has never been easier.

More details:

Home page of Drop Box: https://www.getdropbox.com/home


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