Linux: Designed for the Cloud

Linux: Designed for the Cloud

Linux is the natural technology for enabling cloud computing: it’s modular, it’s performant, it’s power efficient, it scales, it’s open source, and it’s ubiquitous. And, as the platform upon which the largest cloud infrastructures, in the world have been built, Linux – unlike other available operating systems – has little left to prove as a component of cloud infrastructures be they public or private. “Every time you use Google, you’re using a machine running the Linux kernel,” as Google’s Chris DiBona has said.

Following are cloud computing products powered by Linux.

Vendor Products URLs
10gen Mongo
3Tera AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform
Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SimpleDB
Cassatt Corporation Cassatt Active Response
CohesiveFT Elastic Server
Dell DCS Cloud Computing Solutions
Elastra Enterprise Cloud Server
ElasticHosts Ltd. ElasticHosts
EMC Mozy
Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform
Flexiscale Cloud Computing On-Demand
Google Google Apps
IBM Blue Cloud
Media Temple {mt}
Morph Labs Morph eXchange
Mosso Cloud Sites, Cloud Files Cloud Computing
VMWare vCloud
Zimory Public Cloud

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