My journy with Linux.

I clearly remember, when it all started. When I got admitted to Engineering college in India. I did not even knew ABCD of computing. I have heared of something like Windows, Microsoft blah blah blah. I certainly knew Bill Gates and he was my role model.

SO after getting admitted here, I heared something like Linux, the name Linux was really sounding so cool. But after learning that somebody, at the age of 21, have created this software (OS) I was taken aback. I was of the age 19. I bacame really curious of this thing and I started asking question about linux to everybody including lecturers, seniors. So finally one day I found one book. Fedora Linux, Complete Reference. And there was “Fedora Core 1” 3 CDs free with that book. So I started making arrangement of money to buy that, as it was pretty expensive.


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One Response to My journy with Linux.

  1. The linux route is definately an interesting one because.Net can’t catch up, ever. You can’t survive in the .Net world without buying lots of third party components, and facing barrier after barrier whenever you try anything cool.

    Make the VM support dyanmic languages much better than it does now (implementers have to jump through many hoops to write a dynamic language on a VM meant for a static one). Lose the page templates, they really are a hindrance to good development. This means changing the mindset that thinks templates are a good idea… . Dump the XML mini language that is currently so trendy, and used to fake things that are done naturally in a dynamic language.

    Lose the viewstate model and abandon the push for so much statelessness that makes the current model so difficult to work with. Request/Response must be abstracted away, this isn’t optional. and after fixing all that, give the new product away, with source code, for free. Yea, I can see it happening now… lol.

    At this point in time, when it comes to web apps, I just don’t see anything touching the tool set that is (Squeak, Seaside, Magritte, Glorp | Ruby on Rails), PostgreSQL, Apache, and HAProxy running on Linux. OSS is just the best solution right now, and for the foreseeable future.The simple truth is, .Net and Java are mainstream languages, and by definition, anything mainstream is already outdated by the stuff.

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