Java contributes 2.5% of the Indian economy

Asia Pacific (APAC) region is clearly big in US server and software major Sun Microsystems’ roadmap. This market—one of the fastest growing regions for Sun—has had six consecutive years of growth and contributed nearly 17% of Sun’s total revenue. India, along with China and Vietnam, are among the fastest growing Markets. Last quarter (Q2 FY08), India grew 25% while Greater China and Korea were up 15%. It’s hardly surprising that Denis Heraud, who manages Markets like Japan, Greater China (Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Asia South (14 countries), Australia and New Zealand, Korea and India, sees India as a cornerstone of Sun’s growth. He seems equally enthused about the vast developer base in India—about a fifth of the Sun’s global developer community. He explains the intricacies of the fast growing Indian market and huge developer community. Excerpts:

For the first time, you are conducting your APAC board meeting in India. Does this mean higher investments and focus on India?

This has been a big year for India. That is why we are here from Japan, Korea, Australia and China, to review the progress of the business in Asia Pac and also in India. We managed to grow 11% in Asia Pacific, twice as fast as the market growth. This means we have managed to gain market share against competition. There is a lot we can learn from Indian best practices. Eighteen months ago, we decided to consider India a separate geographical market. Of the16 GEMS (geographically established Markets), India was among the top three in terms of growth. We will increase our investments in India significantly. We will hire 100 people this year and double our revenue in two years. We see India as really a cornerstone of Sun in terms of growth.

Indian developer community is also a big part of your growth story….

Of the 3 million developers world wide, about 6,00,00 are in India. This is more than 20% of the population of Sun developers and I can tell you that this is something that makes me very confident about the future. Building communities and sharing is the cornerstone of our strategy. We invest a lot in open source and share IP in the market, which means we have more and more people in the market committed to Sun’s IP. I was very pleased to see an article from IIM Ahmedabad mentioning that…

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