Google India Women Engineering Award.

As part of google’s ongoing commitment to encourage women to excel in computing and technology, the India team has taken their first steps: in December google launched the Google India “Women in Engineering Award” to recognize women in the field of computer science and engineering.

In its inception year, google have extended this award to recognized engineering schools across India; it is open to any woman student in computer science engineering who meets the application criteria . This initiative has been received positively, as has been indicated by the inundating queries and subsequent applications. The last date for applying is January 31st and google is looking forward to hearing from even more applicants.

After panel reviews all applications, the winners will be announced in a little more than a month, on February 29th. The winners will be invited to visit the Google engineering office in Bangalore during first week of March for a conclave comprising of keynotes, panel discussions, tech talks, breakouts and an award ceremony.

Hope this award will encourage students to take up computer science engineering as their study, and perhaps inspire some of you to take this up as a career too.
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