How to Type in hindi (Devnagari) with Google Indic Transliteration.

If you’re interested in writing in Hindi, Google have brought out the transliteration feature from Blogger into an independent product of its own: Google Indic Transliteration. This tool will let you type in Hindi, using an English keyboard. Type out words phonetically, and let Google convert them into the correct Hindi word. For example, type “Bharat” to see “भारत”. You’ll soon discover that Google’s sophisticated transliteration technology makes it really easy to compose in Hindi. Google’s algorithm might get the occasional word wrong, but it is always willing to learn. You can teach it by clicking on the wrong word and correcting it.

How to Use It?

Go to

The transliteration feature is controlled by the button at the top left corner of the text box.

Type in Hindi

This button toggles the transliteration feature on and off. (You can also use Ctrl-G as a shortcut.) When it is on, it affects the text box contents. The letters of a word will appear as you type them until you reach the end of the word. As soon as you type a space or a punctuation mark, the letters will be converted to Devanāgarī characters, like this:

The transliteration will attempt to match the sounds of the letters as accurately as possible between the two alphabets. However, if you find that it is incorrect, you can fix it.

To correct and edit words

When you find a word you want to change, just click on it once, using the left mouse button. This displays a short menu of alternate spellings, as well as an option to switch back to the original Roman characters you typed, or to edit the word further.

If you choose the “Edit…” option, you’ll see the word in an Edit mode that provides on-the-fly suggestions for the next letter in the sequence. Click on the letter you want to enter next, it will be added to the word, and suggestions for the following letter will come up. You can also continue typing from your keyboard as well, if you prefer, and the characters will be entered according to this chart. Type a space or press the Enter key to end the word and go back to normal typing mode.

The suggestions provided in the “Edit…” option are limited to letters which could reasonably follow the ones already typed. Each button shows some English text in gray, which indicates the part of the last syllable that you have already typed. The text in bold indicates what you can type to get the Hindi letter displayed on that button. Alternatively, you can just click the button and it will add the correct letter for you. If a button is green, that means that the letter is phonetically similar to the last typed syllable, and clicking on the button will replace it.

Google Rocks !!


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