Why Fedora is like that.

Fedoara boot loader

I am an ardent linux enthusiast. I am using linux from year 2003 (when I got introduced to computers.) My linux use started with fedora 1. While installing this distro I came across many problems and I believe that problems are stepping stones to success. I successfully overcame many problems but what when you get some problems which you don’t at all understand like your installation goes fine and when you boot into your system after loading everything (you can see a lot of things getting loaded and OK in front of them in fedora startup) you get kernel panic error message. Why this happens with fedora only (or may be with me only.) I have real killing experiences with fedora. At one place I was giving demo to some electronic science students of how to install linux. At that time those people were able to provide fedora’s media in there college. While showing them how to install it — in the middle of installation the installation cracked and gave many error messages which I’ve seen first time in my life. Our demo was completely messed out, though I (we) didn’t gave up and started with installation second time but our luck was not with us and it did same thing again but at different place and different error messages this time.

So today I thought fedora have come upto it’s 8th version and around 5 years are passed. It must have been matured. Yesterday I got DVD of fedora 8. So I decided to give it a try. I have brand new machine with 3.06 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, and all the modern amenities which make your computing environment so called rich. My company (Symantec, India) uses WinXP desktop boxes So I have installed one of the popular desktop virtualization software Virtual Box on my machine. I am using Ubuntu 7.10 and Debian on my system on top of Virtual box. I started installation of Fedora 8 by assigning 512 MB of RAM to it. As usual everything went fine and my system was ready to start. I was really happy to see fedora getting installed without any problem. At the end installer asked me restart the machine so I obeyed it faithfully and viola my dear fedora didn’t even boot It gave message “aborting the boot process”.


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One Response to Why Fedora is like that.

  1. Ajit says:

    Though fedora is one of recognised distro but my experiences are also not so great. Agree with you brother.

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