Gmail Emoticons

Gmail always comes up with something special. Gmail latest version comes with a lot of interesting features like group chat, AIM support etc. In this post I’m listing some interesting emoticons which you can use for chatting. Some of which are not listed in chat’s settings. Use them and have a fun.


AIM, colored labels, group chat, and rich emoticons only work in the latest version of Gmail, currently available for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. Please upgrade your browser to take advantage of these new features.

To use emoticons, just choose one of these options:

  • Type the appropriate combination of keys and press Enter.
  • Click the blue smiley-face button at the right of the text-entry field. A pop-up menu appears, where you can choose from different emoticon sets, including circular, rectangular, or standard.

Here’s a list of our emoticons in standard format:


Key Combination

It’s a monkey!


Rock out.


















Note: if you send an emoticon to someone who isn’t using chat in Gmail, the emoticon may not display properly.

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