OLPC for you and me.


I am writing this post because this is something which is most awesome project I ever encountered in my life. One Laptop Per Child is started with really broad vision in mind.

Let’s see what exactly it is:

OLPC is started by MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte. Nicholas is currently on leave from MIT. He started OLPC with the view that talent is not limited to any geographical boundary or nationality. If given proper resources and opportunity then anyone can make progress. And Children’s are what is called power of any nation. If they are nurtured properly then they can do miracles. It is happening that rich and developed countries / people are becoming rich and poor are becoming more poor. There is really a big dividing gap between the two. But question is, is it really helping to achieve global balance? I think no.

So if given proper chance then any body can make it.

OLPC is distributing Laptops specially designed for children at really very low cost. Just idea is that. If anything is manufactured / purchased in bulk then it costs less.

This post will be expanded in future.

For now you can visit : http://laptop.org

For now you can visit :


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